MBMC Workshop Almost Here

A couple more days until the workshop! It will be taking place at the University of Southern California at the Hughes Aircraft Electrical Engineering Building (EEB) 132.
Please take a look at all the great talks coming up, as well as all the posters to be displayed. We will even be having lightning poster presentations. Check out the entire program over the two days of the workshop.

The Parking and Directions page will give you all the details on how to find us.



Walking from Parking Structure A:
-Turn right on McClintock Ave
-EEB is at the intersection of McClintock Ave. and West 37th Place


Walking from the Radisson hotel:
-Cross Figueroa Street
-Enter on Childs Way. Keep walking down Childs Way.
-Turn Left onto Watt Way
-Either enter onto the small path in front of Powell Hall and walk all the way down OR turn Right onto West 37th Place
-EEB is on the intersection of McClintock Ave and West 37th Place


See you there!