TMBMC Updates: New AE’s, DataPort, and the Letters Option

The IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications have a few updates to share:

New Associate Editors

We’d like to welcome two new Associate Editors: Chun Tung Chou (The University of New South Wales, Australia) and Maged Elkashlan (Queen Mary University of London, UK). We’re excited to have them and their expertise as part of our journal!

DataPort Trial

IEEE DataPort is a new IEEE data repository that is now available to all IEEE members, IEEE authors, IEEE societies, and the global technical community. IEEE DataPort adds value for all those in the global research community that have data storage needs, require access to datasets, and/or desire to initiate or participate in Data Challenges and Competitions.

TMBMC is taking part in Phase 1 of the trial which enables our authors to have direct access to IEEE DataPort and the opportunity to store data as part of the article submission process. For more information, please see more information here or contact Melissa Handa at

Letters Option

The new TMBMC letters option allows authors to submit succinct manuscripts (no more than 4 pages, with the understanding that the final manuscript including references can be no longer than 5 pages.). While submissions to the letters option will have a faster review process, the review will be as rigorous as that for a regular paper. The lean format is meant to promote ideas not sacrifice rigor. Therefore, only papers submitted for the letters option will be considered as letters.  Regular papers will not be reduced to accommodate the letters format.  When accepted, the letter will be immediately processed and posted to IEEE Xplore soon after. All letters will be collected together in the same issues as regular manuscripts. For more information on submissions to this new option, please see the “Letters Submission” page on our ComSoc website.

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