Volume 4, Issue 4 is Now Out

Volume 4, Issue 4 just came out. Below is a list of articles. Be sure to check them out if you find any of the topics interesting!


On Flow-Induced Diffusive Mobile Molecular Communication: First Hitting Time and Performance Analysis (N. Varshney, W. Haselmayr, W. Guo)

Energy Efficient Nano-Node Association and Resource Allocation for Hierarchical Nano-Communication Networks (L. Feng, Q. Yang, D. Park, K. S. Kwak)

Neuronal Synchronization Can Control the Energy Efficiency of Inter-Spike Interval Coding (S. Ghavami, V. Rahmati, F. Lahouti, L. Schwabe)

Performance Analysis of Diffusive Mobile Multiuser Molecular Communication With Drift (Z. Cheng, Y. Zhang, M. Xia)

Uncertainty Quantification in Molecular Signals Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion (M. Abbaszadeh, G. Moutsinas, P. Thomas, W. Guo)


Molecular Information Delivery in Porous Media (Y. Fang, W. Guo, M. Icardi, A. Noel, N. Yang)

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