Volume 5, Issue 3 is Now Out

Be sure to check out our latest issue, which is filled with many interesting articles.


An Experimental Platform for Macro-Scale Fluidic Medium Molecular Communication (L. Khaloopour, S. V. Rouzegar, A. Azizi, A. Hosseinian, M. Farahnak-Ghazani, N. Bagheri, M. Mirmohseni, H. Arjmandi, R. Mosayebi, and M. Nasiri-Kenari)

Analysis of Diffusion Based Molecular Communication With Multiple Transmitters Having Individual Random Information Bits (N. V. Sabu and A. K. Gupta)

Passive Droplet Control in Two-Dimensional Microfluidic Networks (G. Fink, M. Hamidovi´c, R. Wille, and W. Haselmayr)

Synchronization Error Robust Transceivers for Molecular Communication (T.-Y. Tung and U. Mitra)

Channel Characterization for Devices in a Turbulent Diffusive Environment: A Mobile Molecular Communication Approach (N. Pandey, S. Joshi, R. K. Mallik, and B. Lall)

Drug Release Management for Dynamic TDMA-Based Molecular Communication (H. Khoshfekr Rudsari, N. Mokari, M. R. Javan, E. A. Jorswieck, and M. Orooji)


A Reactive Signaling Approach to Ensure Coexistence Between Molecular Communication and External Biochemical Systems (B. C. Akdeniz and M. Egan)

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