Volume 6, Issue 1 is Now Out

TMBMC’s first issue of 2020 is out now, and there are some great papers included. Check it out at IEEE Xplore, and let us know what you think!


Investigating Instabilities in the Mammalian Cochlea Using a Stochastic Uncertainty Model (M. Filo and B. Bamieh)

All-Optical Cochlear Implants (S. E. Trevlakis, A.-A. A. Boulogeorgos, N. D. Chatzidiamantis, and G. K. Karagiannidis)

Inference in Turbulent Molecular Information Channels Using Support Vector Machine (J. Li, W. Zhang, X. Bao, M. Abbaszadeh, and W. Guo)

Iterative Signal Detection for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communications (M. S. Thakur, S. Sharma, and V. Bhatia)

Anomaly Detection in Molecular Communications With Applications to Health Monitoring Networks (S. Ghavami)

Signal Detection for Molecular MIMO Communications With Asymmetrical Topology (C. Wu, L. Lin, W. Guo, and H. Yan)

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