Volume 7, Issue 2 is Out Now

Be sure to check out TMBMC’s 2nd issue of 2021, which came out recently on IEEE Xplore. This is a wonderful special issue on the topic of Molecular Communications. Enjoy!

Guest Editorial

Special Issue—Advances in Molecular Communications: Theory, Experiment, and Application (W. Haselmayr, J. Hyttinen, M. Schäfer, M. Femminella, R. J. Morris, K. Lenk, A. Noel, and M. Barros)


Using Vector Fields for Efficient Simulation of Macroscopic Molecular Communication (L. Stratmann, J. P. Drees, F. Bronner, and F. Dressler)

Investigation of Multiple Fluorescent Dyes in Macroscopic Air-Based Molecular Communication (M. Damrath, S. Bhattacharjee, and P. A. Hoeher)

Larger Connection Radius Increases Hub Astrocyte Number in a 3-D Neuron–Astrocyte Network Model (K. Lenk, B. Genocchi, M. T. Barros, and J. A. K. Hyttinen)

Intercellular Communication as a Series of Narrow Escape Problems (N. Hughes, C. Faulkner, R. J. Morris, and M. Tomkins)

Modeling the Role of Inter-Cellular Communication in Modulating Photosynthesis in Plants (H. Awan, R. S. Adve, N. Wallbridge, C. Plummer, and A. W. Eckford)

Bounds on the Constrained Capacity for the Diffusive Poisson Molecular Channel With Memory (F. Ratti, F. Vakilipoor, H. Awan, and M. Magarini)

Equilibrium Signaling in Spatially Inhomogeneous Diffusion and External Forces (M. Egan, B. C. Akdeniz, and B. Q. Tang)

TDMA-MTMR-Based Molecular Communication With Ligand-Binding Reception (H. Khoshfekr Rudsari, M. R. Javan, M. Orooji, N. Mokari, and E. A. Jorswieck)

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