Volume 7, Issue 4 Is Out Now

Be sure to check out TMBMC’s 4th issue of 2021, which came out recently on IEEE Xplore. This is a great regular issue full of papers on a variety of topics. Enjoy!

Feature Papers

Closed-Loop Neuromodulation for Parkinson’s Disease: Current State and Future Directions (S. Kim, S. Kang, J. Kim, D. Lee, S. Kim, J. Lee, K.-I. Jang, Y.-S. Oh, J.-C. Rah, M. S. Huh, S. H. Paek, and J.-W. Choi)

On Molecular Flow Velocity Meters (M. Farahnak-Ghazani, M. Mirmohseni, and M. Nasiri-Kenari)

Low Complex Receiver Design for Modified Inverse Source Coded Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication Systems (B. Dhayabaran, G. Thavasi Raja, and M. Magarini)

Secrecy Optimization for Diffusion-Based Molecular Timing Channels (G. Sharma, N. Pandey, A. Singh, and R. K. Mallik)

Kolmogorov Turbulence and Information Dissipation in Molecular Communication (M. Abbaszadeh, Y. Huang, P. J. Thomas, M. Wen, F. Ji, and W. Guo)

Transfer Function Models for Cylindrical MC Channels With Diffusion and Laminar Flow (M. Schäfer, W. Wicke, L. Brand, R. Rabenstein, and R. Schober)

A Concentration-Time Hybrid Modulation Scheme for Molecular Communications (M. C. Gursoy, D. Seo, and U. Mitra)

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