Volume 4, Issue 4 is Now Out

Volume 4, Issue 4 just came out. Below is a list of articles. Be sure to check them out if you find any of the topics interesting!


On Flow-Induced Diffusive Mobile Molecular Communication: First Hitting Time and Performance Analysis (N. Varshney, W. Haselmayr, W. Guo)

Energy Efficient Nano-Node Association and Resource Allocation for Hierarchical Nano-Communication Networks (L. Feng, Q. Yang, D. Park, K. S. Kwak)

Neuronal Synchronization Can Control the Energy Efficiency of Inter-Spike Interval Coding (S. Ghavami, V. Rahmati, F. Lahouti, L. Schwabe)

Performance Analysis of Diffusive Mobile Multiuser Molecular Communication With Drift (Z. Cheng, Y. Zhang, M. Xia)

Uncertainty Quantification in Molecular Signals Using Polynomial Chaos Expansion (M. Abbaszadeh, G. Moutsinas, P. Thomas, W. Guo)


Molecular Information Delivery in Porous Media (Y. Fang, W. Guo, M. Icardi, A. Noel, N. Yang)

Volume 4, Issue 3 is now out

Volume 4, Issue 3 just came out. Below is a list of articles. Be sure to check them out if you find any of the topics interesting!


Inferring Genome-Wide Interaction Networks Using the Phi-Mixing Coefficient, and Applications to Lung and Breast
Cancer (Invited; N. Singh, M. E. Ahsen, N. Challapalli, H.-S. Kim, M. A. White, and M. Vidyasagar)

Receiver Techniques for Diffusion-Based Molecular Nano Communications Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy-Based
Multivariate Polynomial Approximation (G. H. Alshammri, W. K. M. Ahmed, and V. B. Lawrence)

High Speed Chemical Vapor Communication Using Photoionization Detectors in Turbulent Flow (M. Ozmen, E. Kennedy, J. Rose, P. Shakya, J. K. Rosenstein, and C. Rose)

Diffusive Molecular Communications With Reactive Molecules: Channel Modeling and Signal Design (V. Jamali, N. Farsad, R. Schober, and A. Goldsmith)


Abnormality Detection Inside Blood Vessels With Mobile Nanomachines (N. Varshney, A. Patel, Y. Deng, W. Haselmayr, P. K. Varshney, and A. Nallanathan)

Volume 4, Issue 2 is now out

Volume 4, Issue 2 came out earlier this month. Below is a list of articles. Be sure to check them out if you find any of the topics interesting!


Optimal Detection for One-Shot Transmission Over Diffusion-Based Molecular Timing Channels (Y. Murin, N. Farsad, M. Chowdhury, and A. Goldsmith)

Diffusion-Based Molecular Communication With Limited Molecule Production Rate (H. G. Bafghi, A. Gohari, M. Mirmohseni, G. Aminian, and M. Nasiri-Kenari)

Design of Robust and Efficient Topology Using Enhanced Gene Regulatory Networks (S. Roy, V. K. Shah, and S. K. Das)

Capacity Limits of Diffusion-Based Molecular Timing Channels With Finite Particle Lifetime (N. Farsad, Y. Murin, A. W. Eckford, and A. Goldsmith)

3-D Diffusive-Drift Molecular Channel Characterization for Active and Passive Receivers (Ankit and M. R. Bhatnagar)


Impulse Response of the Molecular Diffusion Channel With a Spherical Absorbing Receiver and a Spherical Reflective Boundary (F. Dinç, B. C. Akdeniz, A. E. Pusane, and T. Tugcu)

Volume 4, Issue 1 is now out

Volume 4, Issue 1 came out late last month. Below is a list of articles, plus a farewell editorial from our outgoing Editor-in-Chief, Urbashi Mitra. Be sure to check them out if you find any of the topics interesting!


The Relationship of Discrete DCM and Directed Information in fMRI-Based Causality Analysis (Z. Wang, Y. Liang, D. C. Zhu, and T. Li)

Exploiting Diversity in One-Shot Molecular Timing Channels via Order Statistics (Y. Murin, N. Farsad, M. Chowdhury, and A. Goldsmith)

The Channel Capacity of Channelrhodopsin and Other Intensity-Driven Signal Transduction Receptors (A. W. Eckford and P. J. Thomas)


Toward High Capacity Molecular Communications Using Sequential Vortex Rings (M. Abbaszadeh, P. J. Thomas, and W. Guo)

Introducting TMBMC’s New Editor-in-Chief

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Chan-Byoung Chae as the new Editor-in-Chief for the IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale CommunicationsHe is a former Associate Editor and brings not only his experience but also great energy and passion about the goals of TMBMC.

We are also welcoming five new Associate Editors:

We are so thankful to Dr. Urbashi Mitra for her years of service as the founding Editor-in-Chief for TMBMC. Starting a new journal isn’t easy, and she has dedicated so much time and energy to bringing TMBMC to where it is today. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Dr. Stefan Moser, who has been with us since the beginning, will be stepping down as Associate Editor as well, and we also thank him and wish him the best in his future endeavors.