Volume 6, Issue 2 is Now Out

The second issue of 2020 for TMBMC is out now. There is a great variety of papers with our usual fantastic line-up of feature articles, plus a Methods paper and a Letters paper. Check it out at IEEE Xplore, and let us know what you think!


Wireless Communication in Nanonetworks: Current Status, Prospect and Challenges (Y. Lu, R. Ni, and Q. Zhu)

Information Devices Based on Quantized Liénard-Hermite Oscillators (G. L. Viviani)

Analysis of Multi-Chemical Transmission in the Macro-Scale (D. T. McGuiness, S. Giannoukos, S. Taylor, and A. Marshall)

A Comprehensive Survey on Hybrid Communication in Context of Molecular Communication and Terahertz Communication for Body-Centric Nanonetworks (K. Yang, D. Bi, Y. Deng, R. Zhang, M. M. Ur Rahman, N. A. Ali, M. A. Imran, J. M. Jornet, Q. H. Abbasi, and A. Alomainy)

2-D Channel Characterization of a Molecular Motor Signal (A. Gaur and M. R. Bhatnagar)


Molecular Signal Tracking and Detection Methods in Fluid Dynamic Channels (M. Abbaszadeh, I. U. Atthanayake, P. J. Thomas, and W. Guo)


Molecular Type Permutation Shift Keying for Molecular Communication (Y. Tang, M. Wen, X. Chen, Y. Huang, and L.-L. Yang)

Volume 6, Issue 1 is Now Out

TMBMC’s first issue of 2020 is out now, and there are some great papers included. Check it out at IEEE Xplore, and let us know what you think!


Investigating Instabilities in the Mammalian Cochlea Using a Stochastic Uncertainty Model (M. Filo and B. Bamieh)

All-Optical Cochlear Implants (S. E. Trevlakis, A.-A. A. Boulogeorgos, N. D. Chatzidiamantis, and G. K. Karagiannidis)

Inference in Turbulent Molecular Information Channels Using Support Vector Machine (J. Li, W. Zhang, X. Bao, M. Abbaszadeh, and W. Guo)

Iterative Signal Detection for Diffusion-Based Molecular Communications (M. S. Thakur, S. Sharma, and V. Bhatia)

Anomaly Detection in Molecular Communications With Applications to Health Monitoring Networks (S. Ghavami)

Signal Detection for Molecular MIMO Communications With Asymmetrical Topology (C. Wu, L. Lin, W. Guo, and H. Yan)

Volume 5, Issue 3 is Now Out

Be sure to check out our latest issue, which is filled with many interesting articles.


An Experimental Platform for Macro-Scale Fluidic Medium Molecular Communication (L. Khaloopour, S. V. Rouzegar, A. Azizi, A. Hosseinian, M. Farahnak-Ghazani, N. Bagheri, M. Mirmohseni, H. Arjmandi, R. Mosayebi, and M. Nasiri-Kenari)

Analysis of Diffusion Based Molecular Communication With Multiple Transmitters Having Individual Random Information Bits (N. V. Sabu and A. K. Gupta)

Passive Droplet Control in Two-Dimensional Microfluidic Networks (G. Fink, M. Hamidovi´c, R. Wille, and W. Haselmayr)

Synchronization Error Robust Transceivers for Molecular Communication (T.-Y. Tung and U. Mitra)

Channel Characterization for Devices in a Turbulent Diffusive Environment: A Mobile Molecular Communication Approach (N. Pandey, S. Joshi, R. K. Mallik, and B. Lall)

Drug Release Management for Dynamic TDMA-Based Molecular Communication (H. Khoshfekr Rudsari, N. Mokari, M. R. Javan, E. A. Jorswieck, and M. Orooji)


A Reactive Signaling Approach to Ensure Coexistence Between Molecular Communication and External Biochemical Systems (B. C. Akdeniz and M. Egan)

Volume 5, Issue 2 is Now Out

Volume 5, Issue 2 of the IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological, and Multi-Scale Communications just came out. There is a great mix of articles in this issue, and I hope you check them out!


Abnormality Detection and Monitoring in Multi-Sensor Molecular Communication (N. Ghoroghchian, M. Mirmohseni, and M. Nasiri-Kenari)

Diffusive Mobile MC With Absorbing Receivers: Stochastic Analysis and Applications (T. N. Cao, A. Ahmadzadeh, V. Jamali, W. Wicke, P. L. Yeoh, J. Evans, and R. Schober)

Modeling Interference-Free Neuron Spikes With Optogenetic Stimulation .(A. Noel, S. Monabbati, D. Makrakis, and A. W. Eckford)

Spatially Distributed Molecular Communications Via Diffusion: Second Order Analysis (F. Zabini)

Adaptive Release Duration Modulation for Limited Molecule Production and Storage (L. Khaloopour, M. Mirmohseni, and M. Nasiri-Kenari)


Cluster Formation by Mobile Molecular Communication Systems (Y. Okaie)

Random Cell Motion Enhances the Capacity of Cell-Cell Communication (T. Nakano, L. Lin, Y. Okaie, C. Wu, H. Yan, T. Hara, and K. Harumoto)

Volume 5, Issue 1 is Now Out

Volume 5, Issue 1 just came out, including an editorial from our new Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Chan-Byoung Chae. Below is a list of the articles. Be sure to check them out if you find any of the topics interesting!

You may also notice that we have our first Methods and Data Paper. This new section is edited by Dr. Adam Noel and Dr. Werner Haselmayr. More information to come soon, so stay tuned.


Sequential Bayesian Detection of Spike Activities From Fluorescence Observations (Z. Wei, B. Li, W. Guo, W. Hu, C. Zhao)

A Quantized Representation of Probability in the Brain (J. Tee, D. P. Taylor)

Channel Modeling and Characterization for Wireless Networks-on-Chip Communications in the Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Bands (Y. Chen, C. Han)

Experimental and Analytical Analysis of Macro-Scale Molecular Communications Within Closed Boundaries (D. T. Mcguiness, S. Giannoukos, S. Taylor, A. Marshall)


A Molecular Communication Testbed Based on Proton Pumping Bacteria: Methods and Data (Invited; L. Grebenstein, J. Kirchner, W. Wicke, A. Ahmadzadeh, V. Jamali, G. Fischer, R. Weigel, A. Burkovski, R. Schober)


Spatial Receptor Allocation for a Multiple Access Hub in Nanonetworks (F. Gokbudak, B. C. Akdeniz, T. Tugcu, A. E. Pusane)